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AA Rules


2018 AA Division Rules


  1. AA division shall have “continuous Batting” per the Williams port rulebook.  Managers may freely substitute their players defensively throughout the game.


  1. 10 Run rule (4.10.e) is in effect. If the home team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 3.5 innings or the visiting team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 4 innings, the game ends and the winning team is recorded.  

3.Playing time – Each player must play four (4) defensive innings, twelve (12) outs or three (3) inning, nine (9) outs, in a game that is shortened by the 10 run rule occurring, darkness or any other reason that deems it an official game, less than six (6) innings.  If a player does not play four (4) defensive innings in a regular game, then he/she must start the next game and complete missed playing time from the previous game and what he/she are due for that game before they can be substituted defensively. Any player who starts an inning that ends because the 5 run/inning cap is reached before 3 outs are made will have been considered to have played a “complete inning” for purposes of mandatory play.


  1. No new inning may be started after 1 hour 45 minutes from the actual start time of the game.


  1. Managers or coaches who violate minimum play or pitch count rules are subject to discipline including warning, suspension and forfeit of eligibility to manage or coach in post season district, section , division, state, regional and world series tournaments.


6.Number of Defensive players – During the regular season and playoffs there are ten (10) defensive players on the field, with four outfielders playing equal distant apart. There should be no “short fielders” or “buckshort”.


  1.  There will be no infield fly rule and no dropped 3rd strike rule in the AA division.


  1.  On offense (during each ½ inning) the team bats until three outs are made or until the hitting team has scored five runs.  An exception is made if a player hits a home run that clears the fence. All runs will be granted.  The 5 run rule is waived for the last inning of the game, but no batter will bat twice in any inning.  For playoffs, there will be no restriction on a number of at-bats or runs scored for the last inning.  


  1.  Pitchers are limited to 3 innings maximum per game. All other pitching rules apply per the Williamsport Rule Book.


10.Walk rule


The intent is to let the players hit the ball.  (Note in AA, the strike zone is considered any pitch that is reasonably “hittable by the batter”.)


Condition 1:  If bases are loaded and the batter receives the fourth ball in that at bat.

The Coach will come out and pitch to the batter about to walk, the count is fresh when the Coach starts pitching.  The Coach cannot walk the player but they can strike out.  Once that player completes their at bat, then the player pitcher resumes pitching.

Condition 2:  After 2 walks in any half inning and a third batter receives the fourth ball in that at bat.

The Coach will come out and pitch to the batter about to walk, the count is fresh when the Coach starts pitching.  The Coach cannot walk the player but they can strike out.  The coach will continue to pitch for the remainder of the ½ inning.


Each batter receives a maximum of 6 pitches via coach pitch. (This simulates a full count plus another pitch.) If the batter fails to hit after 6 pitches, this counts as an out and the next batter comes to the plate. Fouling off the final pitch will allow an additional pitch (see example below).  Standard baseball rules apply in terms of 3 strikes (batter attempts to hit the ball) and a batter is out.

Example: Batter stands in the Batter’s box and “takes” 6 Pitches –

Ruling: Batter is out.

Example: Batter “takes” on four pitches then swings and misses the next two pitches.

Ruling: Batter is out

Example: Batter swings and misses on the first 3 pitches or misses on 3 of any of the 6-pitch maximum.

Ruling: Batter is out.

Example: Batter swings and fouls off 6th pitch then fouls off 7th, 8th, 9th

Ruling: Batter continues to bat until the batter does not swing at the pitch(batter is out), swings and misses the pitch (batter is out) or puts the ball into play.


If a player is hit by a pitch while the coach is pitching, no base shall be awarded.  Based exclusively on the well-being of the player, the manager has the option of either 1) having the player continue their at bat with the same count or 2) replacing the batter with a player currently in the dugout of the opposing manager’s choosing.  


There are no called strikes during coach pitch


No bunting is allowed.


A batted ball that strikes the coach that is pitching is a dead ball and the batter is awarded a “base hit.” The batter and the runner will advance one base only.


When the ball is put in play, the coach will make his way quickly off the field moving away from the direction of play towards the home or visitor’s dugout so that they do not have impact the play or the conclusion of the play.


  1.  Stealing– There will be no base stealing or advancing on pass balls for the first 5 games of the season.  In subsequent games, runners will be allowed to steal and advance on pass balls up to one base per at-bat.  A run must be batted in, no stealing of home allowed.


  1.  Runners may only advance one base on an overthrow and only one overthrow is allowed per play.  


  1. Speed of Game Catcher Rule – A manager may provide a courtesy runner for the catcher,if the catcher is on base and there are 2 outs.  The courtesy runner will be playerthat made the last out. 


All other rules are per the officail 2018 Little League rule book and are to be followed accordingly.