Majors Rules

2017 Local Rules

Lincoln Glen Little League

Major’s (Little League) Division

In the event of Interlock Play, LGLL will play by our Local Rules when playing on our home fields and LGLL will play to the Local Rules of the opposing League while playing away.

  1. The 10 Run Rule (4.10) is in effect.
  2. Mandatory Minimum play is three (3) defensive innings (9 outs) and one completed plate appearance through the regular season and two (2) defensive innings and one completed plate appearance in the post season championship tournament. Any player not meeting their mandatory playing time, in a game must start the next game.
  3. All games count towards the standings, which will be used for seeding in the Championship tournament.
  4. Managers or coaches who violate minimum play or pitch count rules are subject to discipline including warning, suspension and forfeit of eligibility to manage or coach in post season district, section, division, state, regional and World Series tournaments.
  5. The batting cage is closed during all games.

All other rules are per the official 2017 Little League rule book and are to be followed accordingly.