Code of Conduct

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Lincoln Glen Little League officials believe that all managers, coaches, administrators, parents and players who participate in our league should conduct themselves as responsible representatives of Little League Baseball. In order to assure the conduct of all participants, managers and administrators will enforce a Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, members of a team who fail to abide by the Code of Conduct are subject to disciplinary action up to and including removal from the team. As recognized representatives of Lincoln Glen Little League, members are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior during all activities, in or out of uniform.

Lincoln Glen Little League has developed a minimum standard of conduct for all managers/coaches, administrators, players and parents to follow. The League will proceed with the maximum available penalties for any violations of this Code of Conduct.

Each manager will sign an agreement prior to the beginning of the season which states that he/she agrees to read and distribute the Code of Conduct to all team members as well as staff. Every member of Lincoln Glen Little League, including players (except for Tee-Ball), parents, coaches, managers, umpires, and administrators, is required to have read and signed the Code of Conduct before the beginning of the regular season.