AAA Rules


In the event of Interlock Play, LGLL will play by our Local Rules when playing on our home fields and LGLL will play to the Local Rules of the opposing League while playing away unless explicitly stated below.

  1. AAA division shall have “continuous batting” per the Williamsport rulebook.
  2. 10 Run rule (4.10) is in effect.
  3. 5 Run rule (5.07) is in effect with the option where the last half inning for both teams will not have a 5 run rule.
  4. Uncaught 3rd strike rule (6.09.b) will be in effect for games between two Lincoln Glen Little League teams.
  5. Playing time – Each player must play three (3) defensive innings, nine (9) outs or two (2) inning, six (6) outs, in a game that is shortened by the 10 run rule occurring, darkness or any other reason that deems it an official game, less than six (6) innings. If a player does not play three (3) defensive innings in a regular game, then he/she must start the next game and complete missed playing time from the previous game and what he/she are due for that game before they can be substituted defensively. Any player who starts an inning that ends because the 5 run/inning cap is reached before 3 outs are made will have been considered to have played a “complete inning” for purposes of mandatory play.
  6. No new inning may be started after 1 hour 45 minutes from the actual start time of the game.
  7. Managers or coaches who violate minimum play or pitch count rules are subject to discipline including warning, suspension and forfeit of eligibility to manage or coach in post season district, section, division, state, regional and World Series tournaments.