Volunteer Hours — Please Read

Dear LGLL Parents:

We hope you have been enjoying the sounds of baseball on the fields of Lincoln Glen and we are just about half way through the season!!!

Now that we are half way through the season, we are sending you all a reminder that we need you to complete your volunteer hours in our snack shack.

Snack Shack- we currently have 40 shifts open for parents to complete their volunteer commitments. Please sign up for an open shift as soon as possible as we do not want to have to close the snack shack due to a lack of volunteers. We still have plenty of opportunities for all to serve their volunteer hours.

Ivolunteer….Since our snack shack is the number one fundraiser for our league besides registration fees, we ask all families to volunteer a shift in the snack shack (approximately a 3 hour commitment) in order to complete your volunteer commitment to the league. Either parent, a sibling or nanny can work the shift provided they are 18 years of age and have completed a volunteer application. Families with more than one sibling in the league are obligated to do a max of two shifts. Your Team Parent has all the details on the iVolunteer sign up process. So if you have any questions, please contact your Team Parent. If you are a Team Parent and have not shared this information with your parents yet (perhaps because your assigned week is later in the season), please do so now as we are getting lots of inquiries about the process.

$250 deposits-we assure you we are tracking all our volunteers through the iVolunteer program. At the end of the season, we will announce a day for all those who completed their volunteer commitments to come pick up their checks or we will shred it. The checks for those who do not complete their volunteer commitment will be cashed. More details to follow the first week of May.

Again, thank you all, for making Lincoln Glen Little League one of the best leagues in our district. We could not be “the best” without you all!!!!

Rickey Munson
President Lincoln Glen
Little League