Thomson given Wes Houseweart Award

As we begin our 62nd season of baseball here on the fields at River Glen Park, we take this moment to recognize Mark Thomson a volunteer who has spent countless hours working on our fields and snack shack.

Mark Thomson is a local contractor that has given over 10 years of service to Lincoln Glen Little League in many roles. He has coached his sons through the various divisions at Lincoln Glen, he has served as Co-Director of our River Glen fields with Mike Hawkins and has been directly involved in the conversion of the container into a snack shack.

When the blockhouse at River Glen Park was red tagged last year just before our season began, Mark immediately sprang into action and volunteered to assist us in figuring out our best option for a temporary snack shack. Not only did he provide us with his astute construction advice, Mark was hands on and single handily spearheaded the transformation of “the container” into a functioning snack shack.

In addition to being instrumental in putting together our new snack shack, Mark has spent thousands of hours maintaining our fields. In 2012 when the City of San Jose turned off all the sprinklers at River Glen Park, Mark worked with the City to get water restored to the fields so we had a green field as opposed to weeds for opening day. Besides planting, mowing and watering our lawns, it is not uncommon to see Mark rebuilding a bleacher or backstop along the way.  

For those who have had the pleasure of coaching with Mark over the past decade, they can attest to the fact that Mark’s primary focus was the players. He would make it a point to give extra time coaching for those who needed it. Mark has a real passion for baseball and he enjoys sharing that passion with the kids.

Mark has never sought recognition for his contributions and we know he will be humbled as we honor him today as the 2015 Wes Houseweart Volunteer of the year.