Thank You!!

This weekend’s Challenger event was a HUGE success and was all due to the efforts of our community! As the coach from the Red Sox so eloquently stated, “This day could not have happened if it were not for all of you. (Talking to our LGLL players). You just gave our players a great gift; you shared your love of the game with all of them. Please tell your friends about the day and remind them that if we all give just a little of ourselves to those less fortunate, it will be a better world.”
I would like to extend a very special thank you to the following league members who supported me to make the day so special:

• Mike and Julie Crisafulli
• Mark Thomson
• Mike and Kathy Mazzoni
• Lisha Bates
• Rick Munson
• Mike Hawkins
• Mike Flynn and his Managers
• Ed Lee and his Managers
• Brian Donahue
• All the ‘buddies’ from the Major and Junior Teams.
• Karmel Miller
• Curtis Stokes

Enjoy the rest of the season and Cheers to us!
Sharon Malone/Special Events Coordinator