Photo Day Details – Saturday March 18th

Here are a few reminders:

1. Arrive 15 min early!! Allow 45 mins total for photo shoot.

2. Bring order form with payment!

3. Players should be in FULL UNIFORM – jersey, hat, belt, pants, socks, cleats, etc.

4. If you need additional order forms you can print off website, or if you wish to pre-order

5. Player can bring favorite glove or bat, photographer will also have props available.

6. Upon arrival, meet at the RED pop-up tent in the center of the fields.

Photo Time Team Name Divison
7:45 AM Ebert Construction Majors
7:50 AM Reed & Graham Inc. Farm Field
7:55 AM Referral Realty Farm Field
8:00 AM ∑ngenius Learning Center Majors
8:05 AM Rockin’ Jump – San Jose AAA
8:10 AM San Jose Elks #522 Farm Field
8:15 AM Urban Pacific Homes & Development Farm Field
8:20 AM Round Table Pizza T-Ball Field
8:25 AM Main Street Burger T-Ball Field
8:30 AM Joseph George Farm Field
8:45 AM Dionne Legal Farm Field
8:50 AM San Jose Swim & Racquet T-Ball Field
8:55 AM Robert Ferguson DDS T-Ball Field
9:00 AM Juniors
9:05 AM Ben Caputo of CBRE AAA
9:15 AM VIA Builders AAA
9:20 AM
9:25 AM
9:30 AM
9:35 AM Sureify Majors
9:40 AM Cafe San Jose AA
9:45 AM ∑ngenious Learning Center AA
9:50 AM Mojo Burger T-Ball Field
9:55 AM Valley Images T-Ball Field
10:00 AM Graham Contractors Majors
10:15 AM Progressive Printing Solutions AA
10:20 AM Newmark Cornish & Carey Commercial Real Estate AA
10:25 AM Via Builders Inc. T-Ball Field
10:30 AM Bibo’s Pizza T-Ball Field
10:35 AM ∑ngenius Learning Center T-Ball Field
10:55 AM Regard Preschool T-Ball Field
11:00 AM Pizza Factory Farm Field
11:05 AM ∑ngenius Learning Center Farm Field
11:15 AM ∑ngenius Learning Center AAA
11:20 AM Lettermen’s Athletic Majors
11:25 AM Blue Rock BBQ Farm Field
11:30 AM Joe Walter Farm Field
11:35 AM Willow Street Pizza AA
11:40 AM Jos J Albanese AA
11:45 AM Graham Contractors, Inc AAA
11:50 AM Reed & Graham Inc. T-Ball Field
11:55 AM Carrasco Sports Gear T-Ball Field
12:00 PM Sandis Civil Engineers AAA