Lindahl Given Wes Houseweart Award

Greg Lindahl (right) and Rick Munson

As we begin our 63rd season of baseball here at Lincoln Glen Little League, we take this moment to recognize Greg Lindahl, a volunteer who has spent countless hours working as a volunteer coach and also as a member of the Board of Directors of the league.

For those of you that may not know, Greg is a CPA and Financial Planner with his practice in Willow Glen. Greg grew up and played little league down the road at Almaden Little League. Back in the day, he participated as a player for Almaden Little League in an All-Star tournament here on the Majors Sam Jones Field.

Greg first became a volunteer coach for Lincoln Glen Little League in 2000 when Greg and his wife Ann signed up their son Erik to play T-Ball. Over the next 10 years, Greg volunteered as an assistant coach or manager for all of his son’s teams. In 2008, Greg joined the Board of Directors and was the Player Agent for two seasons, Treasurer from 2010 to 2013 and has been the Secretary of the league since 2013. Even though Erik has graduated through all our divisions, Greg continues to give back to the league and serves as one of our trusted “go to” advisors on the Board of Directors.

One of the highlights of Greg’s time with the league was in 2012 when Greg was able to volunteer from time to time as a coach under his son Erik who was then an Assistant Manager (and a Jr. in High School) in the Juniors Division with Rick Munson. To Greg, this was especially rewarding to see his son giving back to the league as Greg has over the past two decades.

For Greg, he originally got involved in the league as many of us do to be able to spend time with our children while they are growing up. Greg has remained involved in Lincoln Glen because he wants to make sure that other children have the opportunities to play baseball, learn sportsmanship and develop some life long friendships.

For those individuals that have had the opportunity to work with Greg over the past seventeen seasons as either a coach or in his various roles on the board, they understand that Greg has never sought any recognition for this contributions to the league and will be humbled as we honor him today as the 2016 Wes Houseweart Volunteer of the year.