Board Meeting Minutes; October 12, 2010

 Attendees: Mike Mazzoni, Rick Munson, John Hutchings, Peter Haight, Becky Jones, Mark Bruening, Kevin Albanese, Matt Milligan, Brian Donahue, Chris Whitney, Mike Alvarado, Ed Lee, Steve Robinson, Rob Miller, Mike Riley, Kevin Vannest, Michael Crisafulli, Greg Lindahl,

  1. Call to order – The Meeting was called to order by President Mike Mazzoni
  2. Approval of September minutes – Motion by Chris Whitney, second by Becky Jones, Board approved unanimously
  3. Membership Comment – Board roster with contact information will be sent out to the Board
  4. Treasurer’s report – Bank resolution will need to be drafted to reflect the changes in Board leadership in September. – Changes to the bank account adding Mike Mazzoni and Greg Lindahl to the league checking account as authorized signatories-Motion by Greg Lindahl, second by Becky Jones, Board approved unanimously
  5. Fields – Willow Glen Little League is interested in sharing the fields at Houseweart Field. Mike Mazzoni will meet with their Board President to discuss options. Priorities and rules will need to be established prior to any agreements. City did a walkthrough of the fields and buildings at River Glen Park. Minor issues were noted related to the storage of small gas containers. There is an electrical box that is exposed on the Scoreboard at Sam Jones Field and the scoreboard has been turned on when not in use. The city has requested that we correct this issue to limit the electrical use. LGLL will investigate locking up the electrical box to prevent damage and to reduce unnecessary power expenses. In 2011, the Parks Maintenance teams may limit cutting the grass down to two times a month.
  6. Offseason items a. Update constitution – Bylaws, local rules and constitution will be updated and need to be approved by November. Local Rules are due to the district in January. b. Any other issues of concern – The Board initially considered options for an 8 year old all star game. Options to be considered in future meetings.
  7. Player Agent – a letter will be sent to parents signed by our president and approved by the board prior to the beginning of the season explaining the draft process and the procedures for 10 year olds who elect not to play in the majors. Per international Little League Rules, 4 year olds will now be allowed to play T-ball. The league will determine how to structure the instruction based upon the enrollment. 8. VP Updates JR/SR/Big League/Majors/Minors/Farm/T-ball – A framework or job description will be formalized for new VP’s in order to establish consistency between levels and from year to year.
  8. Committee Reports a. Registration – 2011 Fees – Registration will remain the same as 2010. An early bird discount will be offered to those who sign up before January 1, 2011. For 2011 league fees – Motion by Becky Jones, second by Mike Bruening, Board approved unanimously b. Opening Day – March 12th is opening day. Tryouts will be held 1/22 with 1/29 being a back up date. c. Team Parent – No updates e. Conduct Review Committee (CRC) – The CRC committee for next year will be Kevin Albanese, Mark Bruening, Peter Haight, Becky Jones and Rob MacDonald (the attorney).Motion by Kevin Albanese, second by Chris Whitney, Board approved unanimously
  9. Equipment – Emails will be sent to VP’s for equipment storage. Catcher shin guards are a particular issue, and we may need to purchase more in 2011.
  10. Safety – Composite bats and face masks are being reviewed and the impact on Lincoln Glen will be assessed once more guidance is given at the international level.
  11. District 12 meeting – President’s meeting was held in September. Lincoln Glen will host a tournament. Preferences were communicated to District 12. A vendor show is available to Board members on 10/28. Additionally, a seminar is being given through district 12, on how to run a little league organization on 11/26.
  12. Meeting adjourned – No closed session Next Board Meeting: November 2nd, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. Willow Glen Middle School Library